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Owning a Cleaning Business Is Dirty Work: Yes We Said It!

Featured image by Liliana Drew via Pexels

Owning a cleaning business is dirty work. Did we really just say that?

Yes, it’s true.

Owning a cleaning business is all about dirt. But it’s also about with the energy, tactical efforts, and efficiency to remove that dirt.

Cleaning companies often struggle to stay afloat in a highly competitive industry. However, there are strategic marketing tools to build the client base of any cleaning company while improving the process for the owners.

For example, you need a strong business plan if you truly want success.

If you don’t have a completed business plan, use this cleaning business plan template as a comprehensive guide. Your business plan will inform your marketing choices, along with several other key components of your business.


Let’s take a look at some strategic marketing tools for every cleaning business.

1. Find a Niche for Your Cleaning Business and Become a Brand

The cleaning business industry is a highly competitive and, therefore, a difficult one to enter. General cleaning companies offer their services by way of every possible source of marketing.

Moreover, there are multiple cleaning companies with catchy business names such as “Kathy’s Kleaners,” and “Maids on Wheels.” Slogans abound. However, if you stop to consider these names and slogans, you’ll typically find they are not announcing anything beyond general cleaning.

To fully develop and grow a cleaning business, there must be some form of specialization to differentiate one cleaning company from its competitors.

For this reason, consider a niche cleaning service that focuses on pet cleaning and care. Or choose to specialize in “move in/move out” deep cleaning.

Alternatively, perhaps your cleaning business could offer services as “Nature’s Clearinghouse,” with a promise to use only organic cleaning products. Cleaning companies that offer a specialized service set themselves apart from the general cleaning crowd.

It would be best, however, to consider establishing a brand only after settling on a niche for your cleaning business. Then you can place your brand, perhaps with a tagline, on apparel, business documents, business cards, advertisements both online and offline.

In time, your brand will become a household word in your city, as seeing and hearing your company name will remind consumers of your business. Your brand, in other words, will keep your company in the top of potential customers’ minds. In order for this to take place, however, be sure your brand name and tag line convey a clear message of the niche services you offer.

One additional advantage to having a specialized niche is that you may need fewer supplies and only pieces of cleaning equipment that are related to your specialization. This will thereby reduce your costs for general equipment and products.

2. Use SEO to Optimize the Website for Your Cleaing Business

Your cleaning business website is a virtual storefront. Visitors will form an impression of it in less than a minute. But they will quickly bounce to another page if the images and text are not appealing. So entice them to stay on your site and follow through to book a cleaning. Do this by concentrating on the following:

  • Splash your brand all over your website with your company name, design, and company logo.
  • Check your website load time. If it takes more than three seconds for your site to load, it’s a safe bet that viewers will take off. Improve your website with optimization tools that increase speed.
  • Ensure the site for your cleaning business is easy to navigate, with no broken or missing links, so viewers can find the information they need, such as pricing details, in the fewest clicks possible.
  • Keep keywords in play. This involves using keyword-rich headings and meta descriptions, finding quality backlinks, and more. In this way, your website will receive more organic traffic—and more customers.
  • Add calls to action (CTAs). CTAs are essential for the website because, as the name implies, they prompt users to take action. Consider a CTA such as, “Schedule an Appointment” or “Click to Select a Cleaning Package” for your website.
  • Feature reviews and customer testimonials. Social media reviews are golden. Studies show that 92% of people trust peer recommendations more than they trust the claims made by a business.


3. Generate Leads for Your Cleaing Business with Strategic Marketing

To increase brand awareness and generate leads, you need to invest time and money into marketing your business. Having a clear marketing strategy to reach your target market is a critical part of growing your business. Use customer referrals, direct-mail flyers, customer interaction, and local and online ads to grow your business. Use your website to draw potential customers in and seal the deal.

To further specialize your cleaning business and add new loyal customers, leave small tokens of appreciation for customers after each cleaning. This might be a small box of candy, a dog or cat toy (if cleaning after pets), or a small flower display. The cost can be on the lower side. However, customers will appreciate the meaningful gesture and remain loyal to your cleaning business.

Have a Clear Vision for Your Cleaning Business

Every industry demands strategic marketing to get ahead of competitors. The cleaning business is no different. The owner of a cleaning business who has a vision for long-term growth will employ multiple strategies to engage with potential customers. Meanwhile, the will perform well for current customers on a daily basis while envisioning the cleaning needs of the customer just ahead.

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