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What Is Digital Signage? A Beginner’s Guide

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One powerful way you can promote your small business is with digital signage. But what exactly is digital signage and how can you get started? Read on to find out.


Using visual elements to grow a business is often a great strategy for owners of small and medium-sized businesses. It’s a way to drive more foot traffic to your shop or store and get people to purchase from you.

Sadly, not many business owners and decision-makers cash in on this opportunity. But in the competitive markets out there, businesses can use alluring visuals to grow.

One way to do this is with the help of digital signs. You can use them for better in-store communication or to influence visitors’ purchase decisions. Doing so can even help to reduce your marketing costs.

Digital signage has many benefits. But what is it and how can it benefit your business? Let’s find out.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a display technology that businesses can use to advertise, communicate promotions, display attractive offers, and more.

These signs can use any of the digital technologies, such as LCD monitors, LCD screens, and more.

For example, have you ever walked into a restaurant and seen a digital menu? That’s digital signage. Or think of the promotional displays that you see in super stores. Those are digital signs.

The display system for these signs is connected to software. You can program the software to display your desired message to the public. You can use it to display various media types, such as videos, images, live updates, and so on.

Moreover, with a sound system attached, you can get audio outputs as well.

Digital signs are relevant for most businesses. This especially includes businesses that directly deal with customers, such as restaurants, retail stores, banks, medical centers, and so on.

What Benefits Can Your Business Get From Digital Signs?

Investing in digital signage can truly be a boon for your business. Here’s why:

You Attract New Customers

Statistics reveal that 80% of shoppers say they enter a store after seeing an interesting digital sign that catches their attention. Did you get that? Eighty percent!

That’s because you can use exciting audio-visual experiences to attract potential customers’ attention. Contrast this with traditional signs and chalkboards, which people hardly notice.

You can even install interactive kiosks and have people flock to your business.

You Save Money

Digital signs are programmable. You can make changes within minutes. This means that you won’t have to spend money every time you have a new offer or launch a new product.

This saves money on paper menus and other traditional materials. Plus, the technologies for digital signs last for years and you’ll get your returns on investment quickly.

You Improve Communication with Customers

As we mentioned above, 80% of people say they enter stores because they see an eye-catching sign. Your digital sign could announce a deal or a discount. Another way you might use a digital sign is to announce some new arrivals at your store.

Whatever the reason, you know you want to pull new foot traffic into your store. Digital signage can help you get that.

There are several other ways to use digital signs, too, such as giving live updates, helping customers with wayfinding, entertaining them with interactive signs, improving communication between employees, and more.

You can even use digital signs to grow your digital presence. For instance, you can encourage your customers to sign up for your email newsletter or follow you on social media.

Here’s How to Get Digital Signage Installed for Your Business

Choosing the right solution will depend on a lot of things, including your:

  • Brand’s goal out of the digital signage
  • Budget
  • Intended message
  • Target audience

Therefore, you’ll need to partner up with a company that understands the needs of your business. This is because your staff will be too busy to constantly manage the signage. You need a solution that’s intuitive and easy to manage.

Also, when getting digital signage solutions, be sure you’re getting something reliable. A lot of business owners try to cut corners by implementing cheap solutions. As a result, they take on the liability, then they get upset when the signage goes bad.

Remember, you aren’t going to use your digital signage strategy for only a month or two. You should plan for a long period in order to get the best results. For this reason, be sure to install quality digital signage.


Final Words: Use Digital Signage to Grow Your Business

Businesses, especially small to medium enterprises, need ways to generate maximum returns with minimum investments.

Installing digital signage can truly help you in that area. You’ll quickly start noticing more foot traffic in your store. This will assist your branding efforts.

In fact, digital signage delivers one of the highest returns on investments (ROIs). That’s because it requires only a one-time installation and has a minimal maintenance cost. Businesses from all around the world are increasing revenues with the help of digital signage solutions. It’s time for you to also consider implementing it in your marketing strategy.

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