Jetpack Inventor Heads To Tga

The inventor that created the ‘world’s first practical jetpack’ is heading to Tauranga so he can give a presentation about his creation, The Martin Jetpack, reports SunLive.

The jetpack, which is about 1.5m high, 1.5m wide, is made of carbon fibre composite and weighs 242kg was unveiled in July 2008 in Wisconsin.

It is powered by a Martin Aircraft 2L V4 2 stroke engine rated at 200hp with a maximum rpm of 6000 and has a range of about 50km with maximum altitude of about 8000ft.

Earlier this year, the Martin Aircraft Company signed a $12-million joint-venture deal with an international aircraft company to build Martin Jetpacks with the aim of making 500 units generating annual turnover of $100 million within three years.

The jetpacks will be sold to emergency response organisations, such as police and military, providing a quick way of getting aid and relief into disaster-hit areas.

It is estimated each unit will cost $70,000.

Screenshot from The Martin Jetpack

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