Some pet owners don’t want to show their babies off to the world though and would rather throw them in a backpack. For these “animal lovers,” this specialty back pack pet carrier is a godsend, as it allows the animal just enough air to breathe and limits their ability to harm the user through the fabric.

If you thought this dog poop catcher was ridiculous, then just imagine strapping your pup in a diaper that goes practically up to his front legs and leaves him sitting in his own feces and urine. Personally, I’d rather clean up a dirty back yard than a dog covered in poo thanks to this dog droppings catching apparatus.

I’ll admit it, I’m the type of dog owner that buys my pup a treat for Christmas, but I draw the line at greeting cards. For those of you who want to show your pet your emotional side while appealing to their hunger, why not give them this delightful edible animal greeting card?

Do your ears hang low? Can you tie them in a bow? You certainly can with this stylish garment for long eared dogs. Sure it will keep the ears clean and free from burs and tangles, but doesn’t your dog’s self-esteem count for something?

Via: Neatorama

Photos by USPTO.

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