The Accidential Success

Its the toy that will “Keepon” dancing. Originally designed as a therapy device, the Keepon has turned into an unexpected toy success instead.

“We used the robot in the playroom and a therapist in another room is controlling the robot. In the research version the eyes are cameras, the nose is a microphone and a therapist can interact with kids through this simpler body,” said Marek Michalowski, the Keepon co-creator.

The research robot cost $30,000 to make. Michalowski shot a video as he was programming it to dance.

“I never intended it to be a public video. I was kind of just showing my friends what I was working on over the summer,” said Michalowski.

The video went viral. The video had more than two million hits and an offer from the band “Spoon” to make a full music video.

“We were having thousands of people writing in to us, asking for a toy version,” said Michalowski.

This holiday, that wish comes true — not for $30,000, but for $35.00. The scaled back toy version doesn’t have cameras or a remote control, but it can still dance.

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