How an Internet Faxing Service Gives Your Business a Polished Look

You want to show the world that you mean business. You have a professional, responsive website with a custom logo. You have a stack of business cards printed on high-quality stock paper. You have business accounts on social media and people are starting to notice you. You have a custom phone menu and answering service that makes your business appear much larger than it actually is.

Things are looking up!

But have you covered all of your bases? What might be missing?

The answer is Internet fax. This seems like an understandably obtuse answer, but hear me when I say that every business needs an Internet faxing service.

Here’s why:

Internet Faxing Lets You Connect With a New Audience

There are people who don’t bat an eye at a fax machine. And then there are people who aren’t sure why anyone would ever want to use such a “relic.”

Which group of people do you think you’re already connecting with via your website and social media accounts? Probably the latter, who would prefer to just send an email.

Faxing shows the “old crowd” that you’re more than willing to tango, and that you value their business. Any good business owner strives to make their client’s lives as easy as possible, and that means using their preferred method of communication. They want to see a copy of your terms of service chugging out of their fax machine? No problem.

Signing Documents Has Never Been Easier

Some companies prefer to send contracts via fax so that you can sign it “properly,” with a pen and in your unique handwriting style. Otherwise, it’s too easy to fraudulently sign a form under someone else’s name. Who’s to know that the person typing the name on the dotted line is the real person or not? Handwritten signatures can be compared and verified if needed.

Anyway, this is somewhat of a pain if you don’t have a fax machine. It means that you have to print the contract, sign it, and then scan it, upload it and email it back. What a process!

Thankfully, when you use a mobile faxing app, you can sign your name with a few strokes of your finger or stylus and send it straight back. No papers to worry about and no extra technology to hassle with. Like a breeze!

A Fax Service Gives You That “Big Business” Feel With None of the Overhead

Just as a custom answering menu or phone service makes your business feel bigger than it actually is, so too does a fax service. No one has to know that your “fax machine” is actually an online fax service. Clients and potential business partners will be impressed at the thought of the overhead you’ve dedicated to your business. It will be your little secret that everything is handled with the touch of a button. You never have to pay for an additional phone line, the machine itself, the paper and ink, or struggle through technology malfunctions like paper jams or busy signals.

And as a bonus, because you don’t need any of that extra overhead, you can keep your business as environmentally-friendly as possible, something that you can brag about amongst all your other accolades.

You have an email address, a phone line and a physical mailing address. Don’t discount the importance of a fax number for your business as well! Yes, some people still use fax. If you’re easy for them to reach in their preferred manner, they’ll want to work with you even more.

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Cathy Habas is an enterprising writer, editor and project manager. She is based in Louisville, KY but works virtually with clients from around the world. Cathy is a contributing writer for Build Niche Links who focuses on the marketing and business development niches.

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