Niche Biz: Drop-In Daycare

“I had a very good job, but my heart was in homeschooling my girls,” said Melody.


Niche Biz: One Good Earbud

He started selling the earbuds — which come in three different models — in March 2010 and has sold more than 1,000 of them since then.


Divorce Rings?

Even though divorce rates have been dropping, we still have divorce ceremonies and other ridiculous ways to spend money to celebrate something that shouldn’t be celebrated.


Liquid “Cremations”

A Florida funeral home has debuted a new alternative to cremation, known as the Resomator, that uses heated alkaline water to dissolve bodies in about three hours.


The Restroom Business: 2theloo

2theloo was created in 2011 because we thought it is strange that even in the busiest places it was difficult to find a clean restroom.


Running Your Business From Mini Storage

Divorce is what family law attorney Pablo Quiban does, and he does it right out of a Kapolei storage unit.


Breast Milk: The Market for Liquid Gold

It started with a bleary-eyed Google search: “Sell breast milk.” Desiree Espinoza had a 2-month-old baby girl but was pumping out enough milk to feed triplets.


Bar Owners Turn Off Sports, Turn on Video Games

With football season still a couple of weeks out, the NBA mired in a lockout situation, and TV viewers ignoring any baseball game that isn’t part of the World Series, sports bar owners have been kind of at a loss about how to fill their seats.


Niche Biz: Heirloom Food

Her three-year-old company, The Scrumptious Pantry, has seen sales increase fourfold in 2011.

Music Lessons From Afar

The first note of Ray Foulkes’ weekly piano lesson is the staccato double ring of his telephone.

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