Niche Biz: Online Education Outsourcing

WeTakeYourClass.com is a site dedicated to helping students with online classes.


How Do You Ship A Horse to the Olympics?

The elite athletes who travel to London for this summer’s Olympic Games will include petite gymnasts, huge wrestlers — and elite horses, which compete in dressage and other events.


Niche Food: South American Empanadas

Paula Tejeda can tell you all about the empanada scene – or lack thereof – in San Francisco, circa 1995.


Cool Idea Keeps Drinks Cold All Day

“All of a sudden, bam, it hit me how to do it,” the first-time inventor said.


Tips To Come Across A Trustworthy Debt Consolidation Company

Carrying a huge load of debt can simply feel like you are leading your life with a black cloud hanging over your head.

Crafting a Custom Investment Portfolio

Like most financial management strategies, an investment portfolio is uniquely individual and rarely comes in a “one size fits all” package off the shelf.


Niche Biz: Play Cafe’s

Play cafes are places where parents can bring their kids, hang out, usually have a good cup of coffee, and not worry about others looking in askance while a child bangs a toy on the floor or makes loud “vroom-vroom” sounds.


Something Borrowed Vintage: Antique Rental Company

Something Borrowed Vintage provides mismatched china, linens, flatware, and serving pieces at events ranging from weddings to afternoon teas and even pig roasts.

Baseball for the Blind: Beep Baseball

A team is composed of a minimum of six blind or visually impaired players and two to four sighted people: a pitcher, a catcher, and two defensive spotters.


Unsexy Biz: Hearing Aids

I’m a student intern at a new Philadelphia startup called EmbraceHearing.

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