A Good Decade for Remodeling Businesses

Homeowners who deferred maintenance and improvements during the recession may soon start to spend more freely.


Extreme Sandboxing!

Jeni Christopher really digs heavy machinery.

Urban Breakthrough: Pervious Concrete

Normally, when rain water lands on concrete, it pools or runs downhill until it reaches a storm drain that then pipes the water far away from the site of the initial downpour.


Wine Cellar Innovations Makes Storage Simple At Any Size

Founder and creator Jim Deckebach’s love of fine wines and foods began in 1974 when he studied in France.


Building Homes for Extended Families

Lennar designers and researchers and an independent architect developed the floor plans this year to respond to the doubling-up trend that has affected more than 1 in 5 U.S.


iPad Will Transform Construction Industry

Here’s just a short list of some things that will transformed in the next few years as the iPad delivers computing to the construction site: Adios, blueprints: The first thing that will disappear is paper.


You Will Print Your Next Home

An engineering professor, Behrokh Khoshnevis, at the University of Southern California, is really thinking big: He has figured out a way to build housing with a giant 3D printer.


Lumber Prices are Up (So is Construction)

In another sign of housing market recovery, framing lumber prices have been rising lately and reached $347 per 1,000 board feet last week, which was the highest level since early May 2010 (see blue line in chart).


Lowe’s Home Improvement Launches “Iris” Smart Home

Lowe’s Home Improvement recently launched Iris, a cloud-based “smart home” system for mobile device owners who want to monitor their homes’ security.


Printing a Home

It can take anywhere from six weeks to six months to build a 2,800-square-foot, two-story house in the U.S., mostly because human beings do all the work.

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