Debunking SBA Loan Myths

It’s common to hear the SBA described as a “lender of last resort.” In some ways, there’s good reason for this: The agency’s Office of Disaster Assistance speeds funds to borrowers in regions hammered by natural disasters, and it funds Community Development Financial Institutions that make loans to borrowers with higher-risk profiles.


Business Plan Myths

As the pace of change quickens and business planning becomes more vital, untruths and mythology about the subject keep coming up.


Myths About Employee Incentive Programs

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I recently came across an article located on Open Forum that I can’t help but disagree with.


Myths About Marketing

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With marketing becoming such a huge part of business more and more everyday, and the number of different ways to market your business today via traditional marketing, online marketing and more it is no wonder that there are some ideas floating around that have people confused over marketing concepts and strategies.


Franchise Ownership Myths

Can franchises still fail?

Five Myths About Entrepreneurs

Many myths have arisen about entrepreneurs.