It always starts with a vision.

And for somebody who likes clothes, he would always be reminded of his vision whenever he went to a mall.

Ten years ago, Ronald V. Pineda told himself that one day he too would have his own clothes shop in a mall.

That vision has materialized 35 times over (and expected to still grow) in the FH/Folded and Hung chain all over the country.

The Ronald today is far different from the one 20 years ago. He wanted to be a good son so he took up dentistry knowing his father’s dream was for his five children to become doctors or lawyers. Not really wanting either, Ronald settled for the closest degree to medicine—dentistry. After studying high school in Dau, Pampanga, he went to Manila and enrolled in a university.

The Pinedas were an above average family, financially. At least before the Pinatubo eruption.

They had a gas station where all the children were asked to help out at an early age. Thus Ronald said he knew about accounting at age four when his mother would make him sit beside her by the cash register and ask him to count coins.

Aside from the gas station, they also owned a shop that sold PX or imported items. In 1991, Pinatubo happened. Nobody knew just how much a 600-year-old volcano that spewed out pyroclastic materials would change their lives. Read full story.