Edison Nation (www.EdisonNation.com) is looking to discover the best infomercial, or “As Seen On TV” product idea for 2009.

Edison Nation is partnering with some of the most successful names in the Direct Results Television (DRTV) industry — the same folks who brought us Floam, Smart Spin, Pasta Pro, Grip ‘n Flip, Awesome Auger, Genie Instant Line Smoother, Tony Little’s Gazelle and many more — to look for the DRTV Product of the Year for 2009.

Today, two-thirds of the U.S. watches DRTV advertising, translating to a customer base of roughly 136.2 million viewers. The art of visually demonstrating consumer products is now a $24 billion industry and typical viewers are usually affluent, skewing toward the female audience and with children. That obliterates all preconceived notions that DRTV is just for old, empty-nesting ladies looking to fill up their spare bedrooms with dolls!

Edison Nation’s site offers helpful tips on the type of submissions that have the greatest chance for success in this infomercial product search. It mentions the product categories the most successful DRTV products have come from over the years, as well as key questions to ask yourself about your product (i.e. Is your product’s markup on cost of goods at least five-to-one? i.e. cost to manufacture is $1; sale price is $5?).

All ideas must be submitted by December 15th, 2008.

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