Nanaimo Daily News:

A Nanaimo mom is behind what could be the answer to a problem that plagues many heavy-chested women: The breast bounce. An avid runner, the sport became uncomfortable for Carol Clay after the birth of her first child, Madeline, six years ago.

Her post-pregnancy breasts painfully bounced when she ran and even a pair of sports bras did not solve the problem. Several designs and years later, the Janestrap was born.

“For your standard bra, there hasn’t been any significant improvements or innovations since the bra was invented,” said Clay.

The Janestrap is a motion-control, three-inch wide supportive strap made of elastic and wickable fabric that comes in four sizes, fastens with bra hooks and can be worn over or under any regular sports bra.

In black and white and blue, it retails for $24.97. The Janestrap has come a long way since Clay first tied a bathrobe belt around her chest to investigate breast bounce. Along with Nanaimo business partner Carla Dumont, the women and Rocketmama Sports Inc. are making headway in the world of women’s sportswear.

For now the one-year-old company is a side venture for Clay but Janestrap will hit a nationwide audience with a debut on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, a TV show where aspiring entrepreneurs face off against a panel of experts who may invest their own money if they like what they see.

Logo from Janestrap.