Benefits Of Being Your Own Boss

Lansing State Journal:

If the corporate world isn’t working for you, start thinking like an entrepreneurial woman.

Think like Mary Kay Ash, who founded a cosmetics company with a sales force of 11 in 1963 that today employs over 1.7 million around the world, with sales that reached $2.25 billion in 2006.

Or maybe think like Brownie Wise, who founded a firm called Tupperware Patio Parties to sell a product that struggled on department store shelves. She sold more Tupperware than the stores, and Earl Tupper hired her as vice president of sales and had her staff sell Tupperware exclusively at parties.

Or perhaps think like Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh, two stay-at-home moms who wanted to earn a little extra money and began throwing parties to sell jewelry in 1997. When other women kept telling them they wanted their jobs, the duo began training a sales force that today includes more than 18,000 representatives.

It’s not just women at the top of these companies who turn a profit.

“Let’s put it this way,” says Sherry Dunn, a star leader who has been with Silpada Designs for the past four years. “I have two kids going to college, and this is how I’m putting my kids through college.”

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