It took Lisa Lloyd only 13 months to get a licensing deal for her new invention idea.

Lisa, a 23 year old single mom, was making only $13,000 a year selling ad space when she had a great idea. She always had to keep her hair looking nice because of her high profile job and other women would compliment her on her up-do’s.

She decided to act on her idea for the hair-styling tool “The French Twister” which helps women wear their hair up in the french twist hair style.

She began with absolutely no money. She started by using things she found around her house and ended up making a prototype out of a wire clothes hanger. From there she started calling manufacturers to get a plastic prototype made. It was not an easy job and it took a lot of testing to get her product just right. She found a local plastics molding shop by going to her library.

When it came time to manufacture her product she sold her used car for $500 and she used the money from her tax return to pay for it. With 500 units made, she went out on foot to salons to introduce her new invention idea. Clients loved them!

She went to the store to find hair-styling products, picked up a box made by Scunci, got their phone number and contacted them.

Because she had done her homework and had sufficient market research to show that her product was a good one, Scunci agreed to sign a licensing deal with her.

Photo by Lloyd Marketing Group, Inc..

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