Quality Franchise:

Here’s How the Business Works:

Taxback provides taxpayers with the opportunity to have seasoned licensed, independent tax review specialists review their last 3 years of returns, at no upfront cost, to determine if they have overpaid.

As you might imagine, their concept has created an enormous demand for their service. Their simple, NO REFUND-NO FEE program makes it EASY for anyone to present our services. You act as the middleman by bringing in people who want a free review of their last three tax returns in the hopes of recovering money they’ve unknowingly overpaid. After their review, if your client can claim a refund (they usually can in 60% of cases) the client receives 50% of the total refund amount. You get paid up to 30% of the total refund amount. If there is no refund, there is no fee and your client owes nothing. They specialize in recovering overpaid taxes ethically and legally, while providing you the opportunity to change your life financially today. Read more.