National Post:

Yes, it’s annoying when catch phrases become ubiquitous. And “no soup for you!” from Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi” episode quickly became the “what you talkin’ bout Willis?” of the ’90s.

That said, the man behind the character is Al Yeganeh, whose soup shop at 55th Street and 8th Avenue in New York City has, thanks to he show, gone from city-famous to world-famous. And while Yeganeh did inspire that catchphrase, he also serves up a mean soup. And he’s taken the soup on the road.

Yeganeh, who already sells his packaged frozen soup in grocery stores in Canada, has started franchising the store concept with a chain called The Original SoupMan. And the first “official” location in Canada has opened earlier this month in Windsor. And as a native Windsorite, I can attest, we love soup.

Prior to the opening (which took place November 18 and pictured at right), I interviewed co-owner Denise Parent about the store, the original Soup Man, and if customers will adhere to the efficiency portrayed in the Seinfeld episode… read on.