Cop’s Invention Like Handcuffs For Socks

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

One of the great modern mysteries is one that plagues almost every household: the missing sock in the dryer. Some have given it a name: Missing Sock Syndrome.

A relatively new product aims to prevent Missing Sock Syndrome. The Sock Cop, plastic clips that clip two socks together, was invented by Tampa, Fla., police officer Rich O’Connor.

The clips can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Reed-Granger said the temperatures of most dryers range between 112 and 154 degrees.

Squeeze the clip open to attach it to a pair of socks, then throw into the wash. The couple suggest people keep the clip on when socks are taken out of the dryer to keep them organized in drawers.

Photo by Sock Cop.

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