Downsizing the Corporate World

World's 7th tallest building.
photo credit: MK Media Productions

Downsizing is becoming more and more common to people today. With corporations and companys all over cutting their costs (a nice way of saying they are cutting out jobs), and lowering their revenue expectations franchising and entrepreneurship is rising.

However, people are being a lot more cautious this time around and are going into business with a bit of a weary thought. There should only be two kinds of people, either you want to be a franchise owner, or you don’t. Rather, it seems as though it’s more of “if i don’t find a job in 3 months I’ll start a business. This could be setting you up already to fail before you get the franchise.

It needs to be about passion, wanting to be a franchise owner or entrepreneur of some sort. There are great advantages of being a franchise owner and entrepreneur rather than working in the corporate world all of your life. Many people are starting to realize that the corporate rat race is possibly one that can never be won by a lower seniority employee.

At some point, it dawns on you that the corporate ladder is really more of a treadmill. You run faster, work harder, climb-higher, sweat more blood and push through stifling fatigue. But, in the end, all too often, you’re no freer or happier than the day you began.

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