Quick Service Restaurants

Free fast food mall food court restaurant signs creative commons
photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

When we drive through our neighborhood now, we see so many big restaurants closing their door’s. Outback has been one of them in two surrounding cities now around my house alone. But the one’s that seem to be doing just fine, are the quick service restaurants.

McDonald, Burger King and Subway ranked as the top 3 franchise quick service restaurants this year. And why is this you ask…because you can go through a drive through in the middle of the day, spend 4 minute’s and $8.00 and have a lunch or dinner. Versus you can go to Outback and spend an hour and a half and anywhere from $40-$60 on lunch or dinner.

Which would you choose in the land of no money and no time? Most people are going with the McDonald lunch rather then anywhere else. So doesn’t it seem a good idea for you new franchiser’s or new entrepreneurs to look into opening up a QSR? I’d put my money on it.

Investing in this popular segment of franchising could be a great thing, if you have the money and the drive. Maybe you could even retire comfortably one day, and become a Professor, over at H.U.

What are your thought’s on fast food versus sit down food?

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