Increasing employee commitment

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Managers often ask the number one question that is sometime’s hard to answer depending on the company, how do we get our employees to become more committed and involved in the company?

Judith Bardwick wrote a book regarding this matter and she had some suggestions that may help you. People are more apt to achieve goals for the company and become committed to the company when they are lead and managed well.

This means you will have to walk the talk so to speak. Set an example for them to follow, treat all of them equally, communicate in an effective manner, respond to each employee as though they deserve the truth, recognition and fairness that they have earned.

Gaining employee commitment results in greater profits because enthusiastic employees stay, contribute discretionary effort, and engage customers. Performance soars when customers are enthused and stay and when executives, managers, and employees are a collaborative team, united in achieving common goals.

Do you have suggestions on gaining employees commitment?

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