NBT*: eMotion


EMotion’s flagship product is the “BFF<3 necklace,” a wireless communication device that takes the form of a fashion accessory for the tween set. The necklace uses radio frequency to communicate with other necklaces within a 1,000-foot range, sending coded messages though patterns of lights and vibrations.

“We saw this market as very underserved,” says Ed Suda, one of eMotion’s co-founders. “There is a large problem with Internet security with these girls, so we took our core [idea] of people who are physically apart but emotionally together and applied it to this age group.”

BFF<3 Necklace holders can tap into an online social networking site, bfflessthan3.com, where they can chat with friends and program their coded messages. However, holders can only interact online with friends who have synced their necklaces face-to-face, a key security feature that eliminates interaction with unwanted “friends” and online strangers.

*NBT=Next Big Thing

Photo by eMotion.

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