Nurturing Tools For Your Leads

felt tools
photo credit: CREEPETZ

In business today everyone wants state of the art tools and ways to generate more leads to their business as well as ways to manage all the information retained on those leads for future easy access. Duct Tape Marketing posted an article on a few tools that are sure to help almost every small business do just that.

Look into using swiftpage. This is a tool that will help in sending large batches of email’s to more then one prospect. This way you don’t have to keep re-typing the same email over and over or go back and keep changing the recipients name.

BatchBlue is a very good tool that helps in adding all that information you gathered on all those leads, their profiles and more. This way all the information you need is all in one place with easy access to it at any time.

SendPepper – another tool that is newer to me, but I really like what they have to offer. Think autoresponder, but with direct mail. Someone visits you site and fills out a form and then they receive an auto email message right away and a high impact post card a few days later. The postcard further had a personal URL that sends them to a landing page to receive more details created just for them.

Do you have any other suggestions on tools that help gathering your leads?

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