Cafe Pierre
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Today in business one of the biggest thing’s we need to worry about is our customers. If their happy, if their satisfied, if we provide everything they need and want, etc. Here are a few tips on improving your customer service and ensuring they keep coming back to you.

●Ask, listen, act and sympathize. If your customer is already calling the customer service line, there is a problem that needs your prompt attention. Now is the time to admit you were wrong and make sure you rectify the situation with compassion.
●Send an update email. We have all been here at one point or another, we all hate waiting for a solution. So send that update email to let them know where the problem stands right now, if they don’t have email, give them a quick call.

●Create an FAQ Guide — To compliment direct support (whether on the phone or in person), your business can add a page that customers can go to find answers on their own. Many times, 80 percent of customer support issues are recurrent and could be addressed with a proactive answer. If you have a website, link to an FAQ or “Most Common Questions” page. Or, place copies of a Common Questions guide anywhere your customers frequent.

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What have you done to improve your customer service sector?