Woman Creates Major Business From Her Home

Chicago Tribune:

Terry Thompson started her career typing up audio programs for a production company in Niles.

Today, she runs a million-dollar-a-year business from her home, and has her sights set on more.

Thompson is the president and chief executive officer of TTE Transcripts, a virtual transcription company run out of her home in Huntley. Thompson has staff members in Bangor, Maine, Schaumburg and Downers Grove, and could be adding a salesman in Florida very soon.

The goal is to turn her company into an $8 million a year business.

“I purposely stayed at the million-dollar mark because I was a single mom and I had young children,” Thompson said. “So it was a conscious decision. Now that one is out of the house, and the other is in junior high, I’m ready to ramp this up.”

Thompson’s company employs transcribers as independent contractors much like a real-estate office operates and the company works for businesses to put their interviews, earnings reports, financial meetings, webcasts and podcasts.

She employs anywhere from 50 to 75 subcontractors at a time, and by hiring them as subcontractors, Thompson can add or subtract workers as needed to fill the jobs, although she said business had not slowed down recently.

“As the work flows in, we can ramp up fairly fast, then it kind of tapers off or slows down, which doesn’t happen too much anymore,” she said.

Logo from TTE Transcripts

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