An experiment in visual kinetics
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While granted, the new year has already begun, I am a firm believer in it’s never too late for a new year’s resolution. Below are a few examples of business new year’s resolutions found on that you and your employees may be interested in for 2009.

Accordingly, one of the crucial questions to ask yourself, especially during these times of significant economic distress, is: “How can I maximize employees’ contributions to the achievement of our company goals?

Working smarter in the new year. This is often times better then working harder. Finding three thing’s that you and others can do to make yourselves irreplaceable in the company. Getting along better with the boss and colleagues, now is not the time to give anyone a reason to let you go.

Taking a job related seminar to help improve your work ethic. Evaluating your own personal contribution’s to the company you work for, this can be a tough one for anyone to do. Improving at least one maybe more relationships with people you do not necessarily see eye to eye with.

What are your ideas for the new year in business?