Capture More Dollars

Phat Wad, Break me off some
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When trying to increase your sales on the floor, the obvious first step is to bring more customers into your store…you cant sell to them if they are not there! Advertise in local areas where your customers are such as magazines, local radio, local tv, libraries and more. By talking to your customers you will create more traffic as suggested on

Once you find out from your customer what their ultimate item is they are looking for, create room for them to spend beyond that one item by suggesting other items that compliment or help improve the original that they are initially buying.

Go around your store after hour’s as if you were a customer and take a look around. Make sure you offer end of the aisle displays, orderly displays that enables customer’s shopping is easier, clear product placement, make sure thing’s put together belong together rather then having cleaning next to food.

So are there dollars out there, waiting for you to claim them? Of course there are. If you visit our Best Practices area, you will find dozens of powerful ways to capture them.

How do you capture more revenue on the sales floor?

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