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photo credit: aloshbennett

Even today you can see people sitting down with a cup of morning coffee or on their lunch break reading a newspaper. Even online newspaper reading is a booming trend today. Advertisers are reaping all kinds of revenue benefits from this medium, you can not afford to pass this advertising opportunity up.

The Washington posts website for example receives an enormous 1.6 million new monthly visitors. That’s huge! Online newspaper has gone up 15 percent for readers ages 25-34 and a surprisingly 10 percent increase for ages 18-24.

If you run your ad in print and online like suggests you do, most newspapers offer a combo deal to offset your cost for the ad. Online newspapers are offered in sections just like a print newspaper is, so you can rest assure that your ad will not be lost or not viewed online.

Consumers who read both print and online newspapers throughout the week are called crossover users. In fact, more than 80 percent of newspaper website visitors are crossover users who’ve also read the printed newspaper in the past seven days.

What are your thoughts on the rise in newspaper advertising?

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