7 Mistakes All Child-Care Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

For some mom’s starting a business is as simple as babysitting the children of neighbors, friends, or family. Through child care many women are able to earn an income and remain at home with their own children.

As convenient as that is, there are some mistakes that should also be avoided.

According to Ms. Murray, who has helped thousands of people start a child care business, here are the 7 big mistakes to avoid in order to be successful in child care:

  1. Not doing the right research
  2. Not having the right liability protection
  3. Not charging the right fees
  4. Not having a policy handbook and contract in place
  5. Not understanding how to market your business
  6. Not utilizing the free resources in your area
  7. Not getting licensed or certified by your state

Are you making any of these mistakes?

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