Seasoned Franchisee Combines His Passion For Teaching And Running A Franchise By Joining ActionCOACH

Impressed by the genuineness of the people and inspired by the philosophies and passion of ActionCOACH’s founder and CEO Brad Sugars, Kent Rhodes joined ActionCOACH. He will be practicing in the East Anglia region based out of Chafford Hundred.

Rhodes is not new to the franchise world.

He has worked as a franchise restaurant Area Manager in South Africa. In addition to this, he has set up and operated two new Food & Beverage franchises in the last three years – one in South Africa and the other in Essex, U.K.

By joining the ActionCOACH franchise as a Business Coach – Rhodes – who was also a teacher in South Africa – will now be able to combine his passion for teaching with his desire to own a franchise.

“With a professional foundation of teaching business economics and accounting as well as sports coaching, combined with my business experience of helping franchisees run their business and training their staff will help my clients immensely,” he said. ”Also having been a franchisee for the last six years puts me in a great position to help business owners succeed.”

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