Greeting cards that talk or play music have been around for a while now, so it seems natural to see those capabilities extended to the floral bouquet.

Sure enough, global florist FTD has just released a line of floral arrangements that deliver a spoken message along with the flowers.

FTD’s Say It Your Way line comprises three bouquets that are delivered with a chip-enabled keepsake heart ornament bearing the sender’s message.

Senders simply record their message by phone after placing their order; instructions are provided on the order confirmation page.

For those too shy, Illinois-based FTD can also do the talking with a message that says, “Someone thinks you’re special! Enjoy this beautiful bouquet!”

When it comes to giving gifts, there’s no such thing as too much personalization.

Provide gift-givers with new ways to put a bit more of themselves into their gifts, and they’ll surely “gift” you back!

Photo by FTD.

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