Xceed Call centre in Cairo
photo credit: markhillary

Say you have just hired a whole new customer service staff and you need them trained as soon as possible, but how? When we think of customer service we think the training always has to be in depth and a long process, however, this is not always the case. There are some basic rules that you can instill into your new hires that will get them started and well prepared as suggested on Office Hero Headquarters.

  •      Don’t be distracted, make sure that you are always focused  on your customer at the time.
  •      Talk with a friendly and happy tone to your voice, otherwise known as let them hear that your smiling while on the phone with them.
  •      Every company has a set amount of rings that you have to answer within, so be prompt, make sure your on the ball with picking up the phone.
  •      Dont ever tell them “i don’t know”, this kill’s all confidence they had in you to begin with, it’s your job to provide the answers they need, if need be put them on hold while you ask someone.
  •      They just want you to fix what is wrong, remember that they would not have called you unless they had a problem that needed to be fixed, so fix their problem the best you can within company guidelines.
  •      Say please when asking them to do something, this will ensure that you don’t come across as too demanding to them.

What can you add to this list of quick tips for customer service training?