I’ve had many visits lately from people trying to sell me stuff at home, everything from neighbors selling cosmetics to clothing. And also strangers selling magazines or promoting a new business in town by giving out coupons.

Andrew Shure, CEO of Shure Pets, a direct-selling distributor of pet products that also has independent sales reps selling its wares door to door, has seen an increase in interest from people wanting to work for them.

“In the current economic environment I’ve found that people are seeking new and innovative ways to supplement their income, and direct selling provides people with a platform to make great money while networking and keeping busy,” he said. “People are turning to direct selling because it can be an immediate solution to earn supplemental income in a world where the job market is not secure or consistent.”

Direct sales, especially knocking on people’s doors, could be one of the toughest jobs around. I know some people, not just in my neighborhood, are reluctant to open their doors to people they do know let alone ones they don’t know.

Photo by jenny downing