MBeze Keeps Women Smelling Fresh With Deodorettes & Other Great Skincare Products

The skincare business is a tough business to break into. It is overloaded with competition and big brands. However Mary Beth Worzella has done pretty well.

With a flagship product like her deodorettes, MBeze has effectively separated itself from the competition. They not only do the job but the packaging looks good too.

Tell us a little about MBeze.

MBeze (pronounced embeez), is a natural skin care company. We create effective and innovative products infused with style, personality and great design. As well as promoting better physical health, we encourage you to express yourself, be aware of your consuming habits, and just be you. All products are cruelty-free and hand-blended with natural and organic ingredients in the USA.

What inspired your business?

I wanted the Deodorette. I looked for it for years, nobody made it, so I did.

Have you always had an interest in the natural skin care and cosmetics industry? What lead you to it?

I’ve always had an interest in several different industries as a potential business, but natural skin care became more of a fit through the years. It started with spending hours in stores looking for animal friendly products. In my late 20’s, I realized my skin would stay younger by using less harsh products on it and benefit from eating more natural and organic foods as well. Again, it was the need for the Deodorette that got it going.

What separates your products from the competition?

The look and design of all the products have been big at grabbing attention while still being eco-friendly. They’re also very effective, with all products producing repeat customers, particularly the Deodorette, Body Oil and Dabber Dust.

What is a deodorette?

The trademarked Deodorette is a small, stylish deodorant that fits in your clutch, beach bag, pocket, whatever. It’s chic accessory that allows savvy women with busy lives to freshen up on the go. Due to it’s effectiveness, most customers are using it as their regular deodorant.

What are some of the other products you have to offer?

We have the Deodorette, Dabber Dust, Body Oil, Body Mist and Natural Oil Perfume in eight original scents that embrace womens many moods and personalities: Cruizee, Aim To Be Pleased, Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Sweet Sanura, Ife, Koko Haze, and Me.

Since you launched your business just over one year ago, what have you learned from it?

To stick to my vision, target market, intuition and be patient while everything comes together. Anytime I’ve gone against any of these things, it has caused unnecessary spending and hasn’t produced.

What goals would you like to reach before year two?

#1 is to expand to more retailers and get the current line in the hands of more customers. I’m being very careful about which retailers carry MBeze in order to stick to my vision, so it’s not an overnight process. As well as keeping the online exposure going, I’m shooting for features in my favorite magazines and TV shows. As much as everyone says print is dying, I know my target market is still reading magazines, as it’s one of our favorite ways to relax. Of course an Oprah endorsement would be nuts and bolts!

I’ve had a lot of marketers contact me for different types of TV exposure as well – they’re interested in the Deodorette. I’m being very careful on that front though, again, letting my vision drive success.

Do you have any advice you’d like to share with other entrepreneurs hoping to break into the costmetics and skin care industry?

Same as above when it comes to any entrepreneur – stick to your vision, target market, intuition, and have patience.

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