photo credit: Stéfan

When being in business for yourself, there are so many different territories that one has to have control over, so many different decisions to make and ideas to come up with for products and services. Below are a couple questions that OpenForum feel’s every entrepreneur should ask themselves at some point.

Question #1:      After each experience we go through, are we truly getting closer to our ultimate goals? Every avenue that you venture down in your business should hopefully get you closer to your end goal, if not, then you know this is an avenue that does not work so you don’t continue to pursue it and waste time and money.

Question #2:      Can I let other people own my ideas? This pertains to as you move forward in your business and come up with more and more new ideas you will consider the possibility of taking on partners. However, you will not be able to afford truly great partners unless you allow them to take part ownership in your ideas.

Question #3:      Can you be comfortable with the unconventional and mine the circumstantial? While the conventional approach in business is to plan extensively, most entrepreneurs we have interviewed — and even established companies that consistently innovate — take bold leaps and quick experiments in the pursuit of new ideas. These approaches require a willingness to mine the circumstantial opportunities that may present themselves along the way.