Waiting in Line @ Blue Bottle Coffee
photo credit: davitydave

In business there are always several different priorities are one’s list, including the decision making process of which priority needs prompt attention and which one’s can wait until tomorrow. So between the two options of income and customer service, which one comes first? Most would right off the bat assume that businesses put customer service first, this would be wrong.

Surprisingly an enormous amount of business owners interviewed felt that income should come first and even more that the clients they do have should be exploited for future and continuous gain, recently stated on microfitgroup.

Customers don’t become your friends on a regular basis nor do they become fans easily, so it makes sense that you definitely will not obtain several fans from your community if you are constantly milking them dry. Ever hear the phrase “the customer comes first”, or “the customer is always right”. This as aggravating as it can be is a general good practice for every business to have. Make them feel important and unique everytime they visit your business.

Where ever you go, there you are. In life, as in business, if you’re full of crap, everyone will know. We business owners can say the right things when on the spot or print the right things on our company materials, but if it isn’t the real thing, it will only go so far or last so long.

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