Baby Business Cards Help Moms Keep Schedules Straight

How often are new moms fumbling in their purse for a pen and paper to mark dates for story time and mommy fitness, to schedule play dates, or jot down an important doctor’s appointment?

Mom Tanea Smith found herself in the same predicament one afternoon at her pediatrician’s office. After attempting to exchange numbers with another mom, Tanea found herself wishing for an easier way to provide her information. The event inspired the creation of the Baby Business Card Collection, an alternative to the ‘mommy calling cards,’ that seeks to encourage meaningful connections with today’s youth. Each Baby Business Card is personalized with the child’s name and phone number and inscribed with a cute, whimsical ‘title’ such as ‘Speaker of the House’ or ‘Chief Operating Toddler.’ The Baby Business Card provides an artistic, imaginative view of what a child can become, and showcases the significance of creating personal connections at a young age.

The collection has received rave reviews from moms across the United States since its launch in July of 2009.

“My sister in law bought the Baby Business Cards for my daughter who is the oldest of 3. She couldn’t wait to fill them out and give them to all of her friends. She especially loved that they had her official title on them, “Best Big Sister”!” — Ashley, Holmdel, New Jersey

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