Summertime Steps To Success

Hartford Business Journal:

I’m convinced you can turn the summer of 2009 into one of your most productive ever. And I’ve come up with nine steps to make your summer a business success:

1. Develop your fall marketing plan. Be ready to hit the ground running when your customers are ready to start buying again. Figure out your strategy; work on your marketing materials; line up trade shows, sales calls, and advertising. Beat your competition to the best prospects after Labor Day.

2. Start social networking. Oh sure, you’ve heard about blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, but you’ve been too busy to come up to speed. Use these slower summer months to learn about these important sites and to launch your company’s social networking marketing.

3. Hire a summer intern. They’d be great to help you with your social networking. After all, they’re tweeting all the time. And no, it’s not too late to find a good intern – especially with so many college students still looking for work.

4. Build your customer (and prospect) database. Most small businesses do a lousy job of keeping track of their past and current customers. After all, it takes time to enter all those names and contact info into a computer program (let alone all the business cards you’ve collected at networking events). But you need that info to be able to market effectively. Remember, a past customer is your most likely prospect for future purchases and referrals. Get that info into digital form!

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