Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

photo credit: William Hook

In the day and age where people are constantly on the go, it’s no wonder that technology is making it possible for people to do so many things from a cell phone, as that is generally the device people are using most often. Is your site mobile friendly though? Look below for some ways to ensure your site is mobile friendly for your clients, recently published on SmallBizTechnology.

Review your competition. Take a look at what your competitor’s sites look like on various devices. This may be an opportunity for you to create a competitive edge!

When setting your site up for mobile users, think about how they will be using their device to look around your site, this should help you design it in such a way that it makes things easier for them. Test your site before completing the final steps. There are many sites that allow you to see exactly what it will look like from a mobile device.

Most mobile devices will not see flashes very well, so when designing your website make sure you do not include a lot of these flash programs.

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