Helpful Tools For Working Offline

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photo credit: trekkyandy

Consulting Pulse posted an article that I felt brought up a very good point. While today we can stay connected to more people in more ways and places than our parents ever could have, we still shouldn’t rely just on online tools to do business. You never know when your computer will crash, or the Internet is experiencing complications and you can not sign on. Below are some tools that come in handy even today when working offline.

  • Credit Card Machine. This comes in very handy in the home office our outside office when processing payments other than online.
  • While Twitter is great for business and you should build your Twitter followers, continue trying to build your followers offline. Those who benefit greatly from Twitter usually had a strong offline following to begin with.
  • Cold calls, visits to clients, follow up meetings, public courses and seminars, speaking at conferences and trade shows… you name it.

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