As every pet owner knows, our four legged friends can be just as unique as we are and each one has its own personality. Since we don’t all like the same things, wouldn’t that also apply to our pets?

Four Leg Identity allows you to buy products for your pet that fit its personality. They search out the best, and most unique, pet products for you to choose from.

Inspired by their own search for the best pet accessories, this mother/daughter team, Linda Niemiec and Kari Raderstorf, took what they found and have created a one-stop shop for everything your dog or cat could want.

Tell us a little about Four Leg Identity.

Four Leg Identity is an online Couture Pet boutique for the pet that’s Anything BUT Average. We strive to help create that identity for your pet while offering products and ideas that may stimulate your pets inner self. We (Linda Niemiec and Kari Raderstorf, co-founders of Four Leg Identity) started the concept while searching for our own dogs. I wanted something cool and hip for Archie (my 4 yr old Labradoodle). I was looking for dog collars and dog beds for him, but couldn’t find the ‘right’ style or construction from the local pet stores or even boutiques for that matter. Therefore, I was on a hunt, which inspired my mom to start the hunt as well. After doing research for our own dogs, we felt the urge to share our findings and launch Four Leg Currently, we’re internet-based only, yet have goals to launch into a storefront within the next several years.

What inspired you to start your business?

I (Kari) grew up in an entrepreneurial family (my parents, grandparents and great grandparents all had their own businesses) I’ve always been inspired by their independence and abilities to be self-employed. After graduating college and working in the corporate world for the last 11 years, I felt the need to make the plunge and start my own company. My parents and brother currently run a safety company, yet my mom and I have always discussed working together. As of January this past year, our dream became a reality when Four Leg finally launched.

Have the two of you always had an interested in pets and pet supplies?

We’ve always had an interest in pets as they have always been part of our family. Our pets are part of everything we do, therefore style and fashion has been important as well. When we were younger, we were able to dress them and beautify them with items we had in the house. Now we have an outlet to purchase great dog collars, dog beds, clothes and more to help create their identity.

What pets are currently covered by the products you offer?

Currently we offer products for dogs and cats. At this time we do not have plans to expand to other animals as there is an enormous amount of product and ideas that we have yet to incorporate. We are focused and are trying to create brand awareness for our products and concept ‘Four the pet that’s Anything BUT Average… Create an Identity for your Pet’.

Would we recognize any of the brands?

Yes, we carry brands that have a recognizable name, such as Crypton, West Paw Design and 26 Bars and a Band… We also carry brands that are not as well known, such as Elizabeth Smith Paige, One Form and Eloise.

What are some of the goals you hope to achieve before you reach your one year anniversary in January of next year?

We want our customers to recognize our brand, to recommend our brand and we want them to come back for future purchases. We’d like to see our incoming links increase and to be ranked on the first page of google and yahoo for dog beds and dog collars. We want everyone to find something useful and price-fitting for their lifestyle. We want to be the one-stop shop for all your pet needs.

It is said that parent/child partnerships are some of the toughest to keep together. What has your experience been like?

We have a great relationship. We don’t work in the same office or in the same state, yet we do communicate via telephone daily to bounce ideas, brainstorm strategies, website design, article ideas, etc. Luckily we have a great working relationship. The key is listening to the other person’s ideas and thoughts. We don’t always agree, yet have a mutual respect for the each other.

What are some of the positive aspects to running a mother/daughter business like yours?

I think an advantage is that we know each other, we know what gets each other excited, what the likes and dislikes are and have respect for one another. We don’t always agree, but at the end of the day, we have the same goal and want to see our business take off, therefore, we’re able to communicate effectively and keep an open mind as our relationship is extremely important to the success of the business.

Everything is a learning experience and a business is no exception. What has your business taught you?

To be focused and consistent. To be open-minded and to think outside the box in marketing to our current and future customers.

Do you have any advice you’d like to share with other parent/child business partnerships?

Be open, be honest and have empathy for the other person’s ideas and concerns. Business with family can be somewhat challenging, yet if all parties respect each other and can communicate clearly, the partnership has the potential to be a force in their industry.

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