Chipotle Mexican Grill, the national chain of burrito restaurants known for serving Food With Integrity, announced that it will pay one winner $10,000 for their ad submission and may put the winner’s favorite food combination on its menu as part of its “My Chipotle” advertising campaign. Chipotle launched the user-generated campaign in May to better demonstrate the variety within its menu.

Chipotle’s menu offerings, made with the best-tasting sustainably raised, premium quality ingredients, including naturally raised meat, rBGH-free dairy, and local and organic produce, allow customers to create more than 60,000 delicious burrito, taco, bowl and salad combinations. Because customers choose exactly what goes into their individual order, they can tailor what they eat to meet any taste or dietary preferences, making Chipotle appeal to a broad customer base.

“When we launched the My Chipotle campaign, our intention was to harness the power of our most loyal fans and to empower them as messengers for Chipotle,” said Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing officer of Chipotle. “While we have received hundreds of submissions and registered thousands of users at the My Chipotle website, we wanted our customers to know how much we appreciate their contributions to the campaign by giving them an opportunity to be rewarded for their best submissions.”

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