Don’t Cripple Your Business

photo credit: sashafatcat

We often talk about steps to take to ensure better progress and success in business, but I also think it is just as important to discuss the steps to avoid that do have the potential to cripple your business. Read on for crippling steps to avoid in your business that were discussed recently on MyVenturePad.

  • Blowing off customer complaints. The idea of ignore it and it will eventually go away is not always the smart thing to do. With customers when ignored long enough will start to take action that could harm your company such as bad word of mouth advertising or even filing complaints with the BBB.
  • Using outdated office equipment and technology. By using outdated systems this increases the time it takes to accomplish all of your projects and daily activities and could end up costing you money and causing loss of vital information.
  • Not having some sort of system to protect you against fraud. Fraudulent behavior is becoming more and more prevalent today. With all of the systems out there to protect you against this behavior, it is rather dumb to not obtain one of them.
  • Data denial. It’s not enough to merely track metrics and gather financial information about how your business is performing. You have to look at and interpret the information and heed what it’s telling you.

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