Making People Passionate About Their Work

Working Class hero
photo credit: Manuel Van De Weijer

In today’s economy we are seeing a decrease in customers spending, profits, financing, houses being sold and much more. Another big thing that were seeing a decrease in is employees passion for their work. In a time where money is scarce and people are horrified of loosing their job any day, it’s hard to show passion through all the worry. I have listed some tips below on getting people passionate about their work again, recently seen on Harvard Business.

Address the negatives. Passionate leaders are not Pollyannas; they know the score, precisely because they spend so much time out of their offices. They see firsthand what is working and what is not, and because they have a relationship with people in all levels of the company, they can more readily mobilize employees to solve problems.

Try focusing on the positive things in the company. We all too often see something negative and want to work it to death until it’s fixed. While this is a good attitude to have, you should remember the positive things as well and by focusing more on them it will automatically lift employee spirits.

Set your expectations high. When you set your expectations high it makes others around you want to do the same in order to keep up and look just as good as you. But always remember to sometimes give them a break by lightening up on their work load even just a little bit from time to time but always keeping the expectation’s high.

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