Saturday mornings.
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In business today it is sometimes tough balancing the many sectors of our companies. Often times too much attention is paid to a few sectors that we consider important while the others are neglected. The problem with this is that ALL sectors of our companies are important, especially that of advertising. Look below to find some free solutions to your advertising needs found recently on

  • Become the expert. Submit articles related to your business to the local paper, trade journals and professional organization’s newsletters. Choose a topic that reflects your expertise on the subject and make sure your business is mentioned.
  • Sign up at a local college or even public building of some sort that offers classes to adults and teach an adult class in business. This gives you the chance to introduce yourself as an expert in your field to your surrounding community which enables them to advertise via word of mouth for you.
  • Always take full advantage of free Public Relations opportunities. If your having some sort of an event at your company, take the short amount of time to send out some press releases to the public newspapers, televisions shows and radio stations in your area regarding your event.

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