Mortgage Brokers Dominate Franchisee Satisfaction Survey

Smart Company Blogs:

The Rudd Government’s surveydecision to increase the First Home Owners Grant has helped propel three mortgage broking franchisees to the top of a new satisfaction survey from marketing firm 10 Thousand Feet.

Ian Krawitz, head of intelligence at marketing firm 10 Thousand Feet and the founder of the firm’s franchising website, says the ranking of three mortgage franchisees in the survey’s top 10 shows the Government’s economic stimulus has helped rebuild the reputation of mortgage brokers with their franchisees.

“One of the interesting things in this survey is the presence of the mortgage sector. It’s interesting because we saw a dip in the last six to 12 months in franchisee satisfaction in the mortgage sector, and now we are seeing that pull up. I think it shows the economic measures from the Government have had an impact at least in the short-term.”

The survey, taken from results given by franchisees, ranks Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisors as the top franchise in the country for satisfaction, followed by confectionary retailer Mrs Fields and automotive support chain Car Care. More.

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