The Denver Post:

Maureen Russell has three gigs. Hillary Skye works four. And George Peele? He juggles at least five.

All of these Front Rangers are fully engaged with an economy that has become stingy with full-time jobs. To make ends meet, they balance part-time gigs. Economists and others who wrestle with employment issues have dubbed the trend “gigonomics.”

“I was a river guide, but tourism is slow,” said Alyssa Berry, 28, of Lakewood.

“I’m painting people’s houses. I’ve been raking leaves for three days now. Helping people clean up. Whatever someone will pay me to do, I’m doing. Dog sitting.”

There is no question more people are working part-time jobs today than when the recession started in December 2007. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are now 4.4 million more workers toiling at part-time jobs for economic reasons than there were 18 months ago. In all, the bureau counts 9 million people falling into this category.

Many of them were thrust into gig-shuffling situations and cannot wait to land a full-time job, with a steady paycheck, benefits and dependable, 9-to-5 days at the office.

But for some, estrangement from the boss man has been liberating. Nobody is taking note when they come and go or take vacation. They don’t pray for positive annual reviews so they can receive a 3 percent raise.

Instead, they just hustle for more gigs.

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Photo by The Denver Post.

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