Carwash Online:

Angel Santiago is no longer a master franchisee of ProntoWash USA, the waterless carwash franchise, after a local court found he owed $10,000 plus fees to a would-be franchiser who wrote him a blank check but never saw the results, according to The Sun.

The Aug. 12 story said the man was under the impression he would see a return on his investment, $10,000, after a few months. Santiago allegedly told him he would either recoup his money or buy out the Santiagos, depending on how the business went.

Instead, the man said the waterless franchise was never created, although Santiago maintained two such businesses in the area. He filed a lawsuit against Santiago soon after.

According to Stuart Williams, CEO and president of the national chain, Santiago is believed to have done the same thing to another investor only this time the amount taken was $35,000. More.