How To Make People Want Your Advertisement

photo credit: dailyinvention

When advertising to the public, it is important to grab their attention right off the bat to make them want and almost feel like they need what you are advertising. But many of us ponder how to create such an ad that will accomplish just that. Here are some helpful tips for making people want your advertisement that I came across on Open Forum recently.

  • Rather than sell them on something, create an ad copy that is so enticing they will end up selling themselves on it.
  • Drag Me In Fast — No matter the medium, even a letter, grab me by the throat with a headline that I can’t pass up. Maybe you think it’s cheesy sounding, but you do read those tabloid headlines don’t you, you can’t resist. That’s what you’ve got to do to get me interested and maybe even a little entertained.
  • Always make sure you are creating some sort of excitement by giving them a visual of what their life will be like once they buy this product. How much easier and more efficient things will be for them.

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