From Rags to Riches, Street Gang to Wall Street, Alcoholic to Workholic, Bankruptcy to Billionaire

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 6PM Pacific 9PM Eastern

Listen to a live teleseminar of the true story of how Bill Bartmann went from being a homeless, alcoholic gang member and later a bankrupt businessman with a million-dollar debt and almost going to prison for 100 years, to an award-winning entrepreneur, family man, multibillionaire, and the 25th richest person in America.

This live teleseminar will inspire and educate.

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During this Teleclass Bill Bartmann will share:

  1. How he went from Bankruptcy to Billionaire starting from his kitchen table and a $13,000 loan
  2. The 3 ‘Billionaire Attitudes’ he attributes as the key to his own success and how you may adopt these same attitudes
  3. How everyone can benefit from the present government bailout during these trying and opportunistic times

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  • Audio Download – “9 Steps to Achieve Any Goal” – by Bill Bartmann Discover the secrets to achieving personal and financial success from a man uniquely qualified to teach it, a man who went from broke to billionaire.
  • The New Risks of Traditional Investing ebook – by Andrew Hyder An investment ebook that helps investors use simple mathematics to increase profits and lower risk
  • All-Access Pass to CelebNET TV Top celebrities share their success stories on the red carpet, in studio, from homes/hotel rooms, and at live events through this news and video portal based out of Las Vegas.
  • Audio interview with the late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones and Gregory Scott Reid – co-authors of the best-selling book Positive Impact.

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